is this really all gluten-free?

Yes, everything we make and ship is gluten-free, made in a 100% gluten-free facility. We even have some items that are dairy-free and vegan too!

I love your products, I hear you have a cafe...can I go?

We would totally love it if you visited our cafe in Phoenix, AZ. Check out our cafe website here: Jewel's Cafe

do you do custom orders?

Okay, secret is out...we can do custom orders. Call us at the cafe to see if your order is something we can ship (602)714-5243

Are you a nut free facility?

Unfortunately no. We do our best to not cross contaminate, but we can not guarantee our products are 100% nut free

I'm having issues placing my order, what do I do?

You can contact us: HERE with any issues you may have. 

Are you oat-free?

In the 4+ years we have been open for business we have done quite a bit of research and have found no direct correlation to oat-gluten affecting those who need wheat-gluten removed from their diets. Usually the problem with oats, is the field in which they are grown. They can have cross contamination from wheat field to oat field, however we use only 100% certifiable gluten-free oats. 

are you corn-free?

Although we are not a 100% corn-free facility, many of our baked goods are in fact corn-free. Feel free to CONTACT US to place a custom order, or to find out if your products contain corn. Though, you can also find an ingredient list on the product description.